Age on Stage – later learning in adult education and its role in Europe’s development (2011-2012)

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The E.N.T.E.R. network, in co-operation with the Regional Government of Styria (Austria) – Department 1E for Europe and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Europe Direct Network Styria (Austria), implemented the Grundtvig Accompanying Measures Project “Age on Stage: Later Learning in Adult Education and its Role in Europe’s Development – Challenges, Concepts, Benefits, Outlook (StAGE)”. Objectives were Raising general awareness towards the issue of learning in later life in Europe; Informing senior learners about developed concepts, opportunities, benefits and offers of learning in later life; Promotion of European policy development and funding opportunities in connection with learning in later life; Providing platforms for target groups and stakeholders for discussion, exchange and development of the topic of learning in later life in Europe. Activities and outcomes developed included: A collection of best practice projects/outcomes from different funding programmes to be screened and evaluated for their concrete and innovative benefit for learning opportunities in later life. The 30 best projects and outcomes were to be identified and presented in the project; a special edition of the European magazine “Focus Europe” published showing the best practice projects and outcomes identified for learning in later life; two day European Conference in Graz/Austria bringing together experts and target group representatives in the field of later learning for discussion and analysis.

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