Consilium (2010-2012)

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The Consilium project aimed to develop new adult training skills and opportunities in the field of Intergenerational Mentoring. Objectives included: to enable mentors (the older people themselves) to visit similar projects in partner countries, to learn about methods, gain new ideas, and share their own experience; to motivate the participants to take responsibility for their own learning, by promoting full inclusion by the older people in the project’s design and operation; to actively promote the training/learning opportunities in each partner area, by producing a “catalogue” of the possibilities, and providing the support needed to access them; to produce a project guidebook summarising the learning and the new ideas of the participants; to make this valuable new information freely available. Consoltilium Handbook available at: Project coordinator: Point Europa (UK). Partners: People Help The People (Italy), Institut für Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung (Germany), Asociación GURENET por la Integración y el Empleo (Spain), ЕURO-Training (Bulgaria).

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