E2E - Employee to Employer: approaches to adult enterprise education for seniors (50+) (2010-2012)

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This Grundtvig partnership set itself a clear and simple aim: to identify, document and disseminate best practice on approaches to engaging older people in Enterprise Education. E2E examined the education and skills upgrading of older workers (many of whom were made redundant), and assessed what opportunities are currently being offered to Seniors to facilitate the move between jobs/careers. It looked at how to change the enterprise education system so that it caters for older people 50 to 65, and investigated whether there is sufficient emphasis on encouraging "older enterprise". The project produced recommendations and a toolkit aimed at encouraging and stimulating "Seniors Enterprise" (6 PDFs of the toolkit available here). Project coordinator: Meath County Enterprise Board Limited (Ireland). Partners: Canice Consulting (UK), RPIC-ViP s.r.o. (Czech Republic), PRISM Consulting s.r.l (Italy), Provincia di Avellino (Italy).


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