AWAKE - Ageing With Active Knowledge and Experience (2011-2013)

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The main goal of this Grundtvig project was to improve the methods of teaching people aged 50+, based on proven methods of education in Europe and active ageing. As a result of long-term cooperation, partners developed new programmes and proposals for teachers, trainers, and staff of non-governmental organizations and public institutions providing informal education for senior citizens. The materials produced include issues such as: different ways to motivate senior citizens to learn; organising volunteering in the 50+ group; using ICT in teaching and learning. Coordinator: Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives (Poland). Partners: LAECLA (Lithuania), Voluntary Service Centre V.S.S.P (Italy), Education Innovation Transfer Centre (Latvia), Asociatia Educatia de-a Lungul Intregii Vieti (Romania), Association of Women for a Healthy Aging (AMES) (Spain).

Files to download

  • Final Report: Educational needs of People Over 50 AWAKE .pdf

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