CareNET (2012-2014)

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This project is funded under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme KA3 Multilateral Projects initiative and is aimed at developing a critical set of ICT competences in two identified ‘at risk’ target groups: care-workers and older persons. The project is designed to work in a synergistic way to tackle identified problems in the low skilled and under professionalised care-worker sector while at the same time promoting social inclusion and enhancing the quality of life of older people. The CareNet project will design, develop and pilot learning paths and resources based on cooperative learning between care workers and care recipients to promote improved quality of care and quality of life through the acquisition of care related digital competences. Coordinator: IPERIA l’Institut (France). Partners: King’s College London (UK), Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale Soc. Coop. (Italy), ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΡΕΥΝΩΝ ΠΑΝΕΠΙΣΤΗΜΙΟΥ ΠΕΙΡΑΙ (Greece), Telecentre Europe (Belgium), Fundación Burgos para la Investigación de la Salud (Spain), University College Lillebælt (Denmark), European Distance and E-Learning Network (UK).

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