EBM - European Bank of Memories (2012-2014)

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This Grundtvig project involves adult groups (old and young) and the professionals who accompany them in a process of investigation, search, summary, exchange and creation of a Bank of Memories (associated to the five senses) from an intergenerational and intercultural perspective. A bank of memories will be created containing five "boxes" around the five senses: sight, hearing, tact, taste, smell. ITC will be used as a means of communication and exchange, as well as a pedagogic and didactic resource during the whole process. Coordinator: Colectivo Cultural Belén (Spain). Partners: Foundation of Knowledge (Hungary), Ass. Logos Famiglia e Minori (Italy), EA MICA - Gresic (France), Universidade dos Açores (Portugal), Yalova Halk Eğitim Merkezi (Turkey), FUNDATIA ACTIVITY (Romania), Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (Austria).


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